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316L Stainless Steel Jewelry

316L Stainless Steel Jewelry

 316L Stainless Steel Jewelry---The New Gold---Not Just For Men Anymore

Our precision crafted stainless steel jewelry is 316L surgical grade stainless steel.  While not considered a precious metal, it is much more durable than silver or platinum.  This durability is due to a Chromium coating that is chemically bonded to the steel.  The invisable coating protects the steel underneath from oxidation (tarnishing and rusting).  It also protects against scratching by taking the inital impact of a scratch and then resealing itself. This process, called passivation, is the spontaneous formation of a hard non-reactive surface film that prohibits further corrosion.

If stainless steel is better than silver, gold, and titanium why is it less expensive?  Simply because steel is more abundant than other metals.  Our jewelry is precision crafted with state of the art machinery and will have no imperfections. Stainless steel jewelry is durable and affordable. It will not rust, corrode, tarnish,stain, fade, or turn your skin green.And it is hypoallergenic.  Don't be confused.  Not all stainless steel jewelry is the same. Lower priced collections may not be made from the highest quality 316L surgical grade stainless steel. This will result in the jewelry not lasting a long as it should. We sell only quality 316L surgical grade stainless steel.

PVD Steel Jewelry

 A process called ion plating ( ip), also known as physical Vapor Deposition, is the most advanced surface finishing technique used today to treat Stainless Steel jewelry. This process allows the jewelry to have varying shades of most tints (Gold, Black, Brown, Cooper tones, and Blue are the most popular). During the Ion Plating process, a thin layer of condensation (usually Titanium Nitrate) is added to the base metal in vapor form. This settles into the steel and leaves the surface harder and brighter. Products that have undergone the Ion Plating process have been tested to be 8 times stronger and tend to be more durable to wear and tear when compared to other plating methods such as electro-plating/electro-coating.

Carbon Fiber Jewelry

Carbon Fiber is used in many high performance applications, from bikes to BMWs.  To create this unique look, carbon fiber filaments are woven together like cloth, then sealed into a plastic.  It's super strong, light weight and sporty, making it a great material to use in stainless steel jewelry.

Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Tungsten Carbide jewelry is very popular right now, especially in men's jewelry.  Only a diamond is harder, and it's twice as heavy as silver.  Because of its strength, weight and distictive gray color, it is a top choice for men seeking an upscale look.  Once polished, it retains a scratch free look that will last for decades.  Regardless of activity tungsten carbide will not scratch.  Our tungsten carbide bracelets are 9 inches long, but can be adjusted to a smaller size,just like a watch band. 


Titanium is the most hypoallergenic metal available. It is used almost everywhere that a strong, corrison resistance, and light weight material is needed. Titanium is used in medical implants used for hip and knee replacements and for dental implants. It is also used in jet engines, missles, and mobile phones.  It does not react to salt water or clorninated water so it can be worn in the ocean, lake, or pool. These are the reasons it is also used it in jewelry. Being light weight and dent resistant makes it wondeful for rings, especially wedding rings. Being hypoallergenic it is perfect for earrings. And because it is lightweight it makes a great bracelet for a man or women.
Titanium is naturally a silver white color similar to platinum. It is also available in a striking black color. The black color is not a plating. If you were to cut a black titanium ring in half the color would be uniform throughtout.

In addition, we carry stainless steel inlaid with wood, with diamonds or CZs, skull jewelry, claddagh jewelry, hand cuff jewelry, crosses, dog tags, and more, for both men and women.

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