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24" Stainless Steel and Gold PVD Chain from Inox
24" Stainless Steel and Gold PVD Chain from Inox
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This 24" chain has two toned square designed links.
The larger Ip Gold links are connected by smaller Steel links giving the appearance of a gold chain with a steel center or a steel chain with a gold center, depending on the angle at which you view the chain. 

This is 1 beautiful chain !! Long heavy chains are so popular for women too.
Ip is the processing of vaporizing the Gold and having it absorbed by the Steel. PVD Gold is the same thing. So when you see either term, know they have the same meaning.  And know this color will not  fade.

Length: 24"
Width: 6 mm
Clasp:Fancy lobster clasp

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Suggested retail price: $287.99

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