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Welcome to Miramar Jewelry

Jewelry is a wonderful accessory that allows you to express your unique style. When buying jewelry, especially jewelry that is going to be worn frequently, you want to find quality pieces that are going to last, stay in style, and go with a variety of outfits. However, high end metals typically used to create high quality pieces of fine jewelry, such as gold and platium, are very expensive, and in today's economy may not be an extra expense you want. This does not mean you have to buy cheap jewelry  that will fade quickly, fall apart, turn your skin green or black, and have to be replaced more often.

Affordable Alternative

     Sterling silver, stainless steel, and Rhodium are three very strong and good looking metals that are used to make beautiful quality pieces of jewelry without breaking the bank. There is hardly any noticeable difference when comparing sterling silver, stainless steel, and Rhodium to white gold or platinum whose prices continue to soar. All 3, sterling silver, stainless steel, and Rhodium plated jewelry come in a huge variety of designer styles making it easy to find the perfect pieces of jewelry for you. These metals are comfortable on your skin and their beautiful natural luster looks great with any complexion or color outfit. Top jewelry designers are now introducing more stainless steel, sterling silver, and Rhodium plated pieces to their product lines.We offer jewelry of such high quality that you will find it difficult to tell our jewelry from high end jewelry made from gold, platinum and diamonds.

Buy from the Best

     We offer a huge selection of the best stainless steel, sterling silver, and Rhodium plated jewelry available anywhere. All of our sterling silver jewelry is the finest .925 quality. Our stainless steel is surgical grade 316L, and is hypoallergenic. And Rhodium is actually a member of the platinum family, only more expensive. Because we are an online jewelry store, we have eliminated the high costs of a traditional jewelry store. Due to our high volume buying power, we receive substancial discounts which allows us to offer you, our customers, the best discount prices available on our sterling silver, stainless steel, and Rhodium plated jewelry. We are also able to offer free shipping and handling on all US  jewelry orders and free gift packaging on all orders. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to assist you. Have fun browsing through our sterling silver, stainless steel, and Rhodium jewelry and finding your next favorite piece or a great gift for someone special. And, check back often as we are always adding more designers and styles for you.  We believe that jewelry makes people happy and you deserve to be happy with your purchase.   

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